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Eleven Truths About Hypnosis


Hypnosis Works Even When Everything Else Fails!

Hypnosis allows you to access your own powerful subconscious mind where all your own unique memories and emotions are stored!

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Hypnosis Is A Normal And Natural State Of Mind


You’ve likely been in the state of hypnosis many times every day, when you listen to music, read a good book, watch a great movie, or even when you lose track of time.


You Are Always in Control During Hypnosis

Your hypnotherapist is your guide as you enter your own amazing mind and make your own changes. Your hypnotherapist has no control over you.

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You Are Conscious
The Whole Time


Even when you feel so relaxed and your subconscious is making changes, your conscious mind knows where you are, that you are safe and that this is for your benefit.


Hypnosis Works Below the Level of Conscious Thinking

This means you can access all your own inner knowledge. This allows amazing changes!

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Hypnosis Works for (Nearly) Every Issue


Hypnosis can help you change your habits, reduce the ‘hurt’ in pain, increase motivation, plus many other issues. You are using the power of your own mind.

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"Lower back pain has stopped me from living my life the way I wanted to for many years. Hypnosis with Wendy has made me feel like a new and younger man."

Steve - California


Hypnosis Works Really Fast

Our brain learns lightning fast, just as it learns fear instantly it learns a new response just as quickly using neuroplasticity.

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Hypnosis is a State of Mind
(Not a Feeling)


We all experience hypnosis differently. Every way is correct.


Hypnosis is NOT Sleep

Hypnosis is focused awareness, a brain state when you can access your own subconscious.

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Hypnosis is Very Powerful and Helps You Be Your Best Self


Hypnosis helps you tap into your inherent power to uncover your inner resources.


Everyone Can Be Hypnotized!

Anyone who is able and willing can be hypnotized.

You can not be hypnotized against your will.

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