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Virtual Gastric Band


This No-Diet, No-Deprivation Virtual Gastric Band Program is a proven protocol, used all over the world. 4 Sessions, virtual or in person, individual or in a group.

As the subconscious only knows what the conscious mind tells it - your mind will believe that you have had a Gastric Band placed to make your tummy a golf-ball sized pouch. This means that you will automatically feel fuller sooner and when you follow the guidelines for the 4 session period you will discover how to adapt this sustainable program into your everyday life.

Drop a dress/pant size in 4 sessions

Using the basic format that I use in all change work, the first step is to buy an outfit one size smaller (Perhaps for an event or special gathering?) That will be your tangible goal.

Next step is to recognize what type of eating habits you have. This hypnotherapy weight loss program allows you to reset your eating habits by highlighting any unhelpful associations, and helping you to make small, realistic changes that fit in with your life.

There are 8 guidelines to this program (#1 is the new outfit) they are all sustainable and by the 4th session you will have incorporated them into your daily lifestyle. So, unlike with the usual diets - where you focus on the food and what you can and cannot eat, so frequently we loose weight and then put it back on (and maybe even more!) That will not happen when you have had the virtual gastric band.

This is NOT a DIET - this is weight loss using the power of your own mind. You will change how you think about food.

This program is for those of you who are serious about losing weight., enjoying your meals and staying slim, healthy and feeling good about yourself.


Oahu Girl Fay dropped a dress size and 8 lbs and had the confidence after the 4th session and 3 weeks to wear a size smaller bikini.


10 weeks after starting the Virtual Gastric Band program

See what this transformative process can do for you.

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