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Spectrum Solutionz with Wendy MacDonald

Private, Confidential Individual Sessions


Discovery Package (Fix that one issue):

3 Integrative Hypnotherapy sessions that can be used anytime in a 6 month period.

Wellness Package (Be the best you can be):

10 Integrative Hypnotherapy sessions that can be used anytime in a 12 month period.

Group Sessions (2 or more participants):

These are all interactive, positive and informative. Everyone will make their own personal and unique change.


Gather together 5 or more, choose your topic and decide whether you would like a virtual or an in-person group session.


Another way to motivate, support and encourage your team members.

Open Registration:

Join the virtual group sessions every month. For the topics and more information check out the ‘Events and Newsletters’ section.

Confidentiality and kindness are a core part of all these group sessions.

Wendy's Integrative Hypnotherapy business is 100% referral-based. That means someone has had good results, enjoyed working with us and referred someone else to us.  If you're one of those people, we appreciate your support in recommending our hypnosis services to others, and would be grateful for your kind words in a review on Google and Facebook.  See what else Wendy is up to on her YouTube channel.  Thank you!


Conscious Mind 5%
Your 'Thinking' Mind

Subconscious Mind 95%
Your 'Primitive' Mind

Will Power - Analytical - Rational - Logical - Short Term Memory

Habits - Beliefs - Emotions - Values - Imagination - Intuition - Literal Thinking - Self-Preservation - Long Term Memories

Your conscious mind is a bit like the captain of a ship standing on the bridge giving orders. In reality it's the crew in the engine room below the deck (the subconscious) that carry out the orders.

The captain may be in charge of the ship and give the orders but it's the crew that actually guides the ship, all according to what training they had been given over the years to best do so.

While we have very little control of the situation around us – what we CAN control, is how we act and react every day.


We all do this differently, we process differently, we have different experiences and
expectations, so, how we reach our dream is up to us.


I am here for you. I listen to you and I care. I assist you to become more self-aware and understand your own innate wisdom and strength.


Hypnosis is the natural way to access your mind’s database, your subconscious, to help ease the pains you are experiencing, and to assist your behavior modification process to make YOUR dream come true for you.


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, this is your mind, your body. I act as your guide, your facilitator to assist you to access the memory, behavior or belief that you, as the adult you are today, wants to modify.


NOTE: All Sessions Are Confidential! Know that you are in a safe space!

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